Review: Assorted Video Games

Games to finish:

Final Fantasy 12
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Baten Kaitos: Origins (barely started)
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (not started)
Valkyre Profile (not started)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Because I’ll be darned, but there are more games coming that I’d like to play. And this is after I gave up on Pokemon as a series. (Just don’t care about the pokemon anymore.) I remember back in the day when there’d only be one game worth playing coming out every year or so. Or at least it felt like that. I played Sonic 1 until I nearly had it memorized. I played Sonic 3 + Sonic and Knuckles so much that I had clear games with every character. Of course now it could possibly be partially WoW’s fault. The game that takes up so much time and never ends. It really would be nice if I didn’t *care* about any of those other games, but I do want to play them.

Coming sometime:

Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy 13 (Possibly with the other two games, Agito and Versus)
Devil May Cry 4 (Though SD will probably play that one, I want to watch.)

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  • The Final Fantasy series has really fallen into a state of over-continued disrepair, to be honest.

    I played Sonic for days straight on the Sega…Dreamcast? Amazing series, quite addicting.

    Hello by the way :)

    -Your Old Warp Stalker

  • A lot of people say that about Final Fantasy, but I very much enjoyed X, and I’m enjoying the battle system enough in XII to move through the rather slow plot just to see what happens.

    And hello. :p

  • The greatest thing about FF – in my opinion – is that the plot is slow-moving. The plot is so much more fun than the action in most cases! The longer it lasts, the better.

    I’ve never enjoyed the menu-selection technique employed by the FF engine…but its worth it just for the graphics and the story, even if it gets rather cheesy at times.

    X and X2 were good, but the other ones were lacking…I haven’t tried 12 yet though.

    [This is still Xek, just casting off the odd name]

  • I suggest that you try 12 then. I am very happy with the way the battle system works. It’s basically like programming, you put in what characters should do in certain situations, and in which order, and throw them at baddies, and they just fight. You can control some of the finer points if you need to, and as you go, you unlock new commands. It’s not a good enough system to just throw them at a boss, but it helps with micromanagement, ie your white mage will remove blind automatically when it’s on a party member.

    And X2 sucked. I got it for $20 and think I paid too much. Only got it cause I loved X so much.

  • X2 wasn’t so bad =P

    What platform does XII work for? Only the PS3, or does the X360 support it? Only asking because the PS3 is expensive.

  • 12 is for the ps2. I played though it rather slowly, but only due to my insistence on power gaming that one.

  • That sucks, I just sold my PS2 a couple of weeks ago =/. Ah well.

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