Ahead of Schedule

I am now three weeks in on my schedule of just getting a rough in of all the things I need to add. But, that has gone so easily that I’ve also gone back and been able to smooth those places in as well. The first 12 chapters of this story (except for one fight scene) are looking rather polished and it’s a great feeling.

And yet I’m still struggling with not thinking I’m spending enough time on my writing. Why is it that we always feel like we have to be doing more? Why isn’t what we’re done ever enough? /flops around on the floor

Next week, however, takes me into the dreaded chapter 15. The place where the ‘done’ colors in Scrivener move from yellows and oranges back into the less polished reds. I have made great strides in these chapters, but they’re still rough and I’m not yet sure exactly how rough or how much work it will take to finish them. This coming week will let me know if I can keep up with my current speed, or if it will turn into a slog. I’ll keep going either way, of course. I can still remember when I thought I would never figure out this story and now it’s pretty close to being a cohesive whole. I’m really excited to getting it to beta reading stage.

Also, we’re at under a month until the hubby and I go on the Writing Excuses Cruise again, the cruise that very much changed my life last year. I’m hoping for some more great interaction with other writers, learning a lot of great stuff, and a huge burst of motivation. So excited!

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