Aion Beta II

From the future (ie 2018) the image links on this post no longer work. I must have deleted them in a cleaning since it’s an old post and it’s not worth it to me to try and find them again. Sorry.

Okay, so more Aion beta action time. Got some advice from Sil wherein I now know how to auto run. Man that feels better, but I’m not surprised I missed the keybind. It was called like “Automatic Forwarding” or something equally long and ambiguous. I got confused by the keybinding that was called “Run”. Silly me.

Secondly, for mana regen we were told of “resting” wherein you sit and regain health and mana kinda like drinking in WoW only without food and MUCH more slow. Way too much downtime to be worthwhile, since the amount regenned seems to be set instead of a percentage.

Mages ARE given two abilities to get back some mana. One gives like 200 mana on a minute cooldown. The other gives just under 200 mana on a 12 sec cooldown but it takes reagents. Sounds good right? Not when I have 2.5k mana. I’m really hoping we get something better, but looking at Mana Ability II that we get at level 22, it actually gives us LESS mana. I don’t know how that’s possible. I’m hoping it’s a beta mistake.

Sill huge problems with the spirits not being able to fly. Every time I wanted to fly over a few mobs (Not to mention flying up to the actual quest hub.) in the new quest area that allows flying, I had to resummon my spirit. (Don’t get me started on the fact that this new hub has no flight path.)

Also HUGE problem with a campaign quest line that threw me into an area where I got two shot. Only after running back did I find out that one needs a group (quest doesn’t say it) to complete it. I (On my spiritmaster) went in with a cleric and two rangers. We died a half dozen times while kiting each mob for at least a minute to kill it. We got the first campaign quest done; only to find out the second part was killing a named that was wandering around who two shot one of the hunters. We had to give up on it for lack of a tank. (btw, these mobs that were chewing us up and spitting us out were Mau. I repeat my previous comment about them being op.) It rubs me the wrong way that REQUIRED quests REQUIRE a full, balanced, 6-person party to complete.

I also spent much of this beta getting my templar to level 16. I am pretty irate about the fact that there are nowhere near enough quests to level. I actually had to grind three-quarters of level 16 because there just were no more quests. That makes me feel that the zones were just poorly planned. I feel like I saw more gray quest arrows than colored each time I moved to the next quest hub.

Despite that, I loved my templar. It was a little slow killing mobs, but I had absolutely no downtime, and it got even better at level 16 with more damage dealing abilities.

So I wanted to try out the dyes in this beta for fun. So here is the original, a cool looking green outfit on my templar. When I looked at it, I guessed that the part that would be recolored would be the green. Makes sense right? Apparently not. Some idiot decided that the silvered plate should be recolored instead of the actual colored part of the armor. /slaps forehead So I dyed each piece different in protest.

Lastly was my complaint from two weeks ago about the inventory space. So I decided to take screenshots of what my inventory space looks like just to prove a point. Everything you see in the warehouse is a crafting material that you either gather or get as a drop (sans the patterns which, as you can see, I can’t learn yet.)

My inventory space is currently cleared of any gatherables. Right now is just potions, a few pieces of gear and quest items. I started just not picking up manastones I don’t use, but in live, that would be throwing away a lot of money, so it’s not really an option. So add about 8-9 manastones and 7-8 gatherables that will be in my bags while I’m questing and really‚Ķ just not a lot of space. And looking at the price for upgrade, that’s for the warehouse, upgrading my actual bag is 61k, still a lot.

I’m hoping that when we go to live, I’ll be able to make more money such that I can more quickly update my space, but again it seems like poor planning to rely on a non-set monetary source in order to have enough space to actually play the game.

Also, I got my DP to 4,000 in order to morph some aether powder, and took a picture of the shine around me.

And yet despite all these problems, I still plan on playing it when it comes out, just not dropping WoW for it.

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