So yesterday two things happened. First off, I put off updating because I thought I had a portion of the next section of Estrella written on paper at home, and I was going to go home and type it up and post it. Truth be told, it is there somewhere, but I can’t find it. As such I have to rewrite that section, and I’m sorry for the delay.

Secondly, it came to my attention that in my attempt to make the blog look as similar to my original website as possible, there was no way to go to older posts. I took the basic theme from the minimalistic one Koi made for our guild website, and that removed all of the archive and “older post” links. As such, I spent most of yesterday adding the bar on the side with the archives…which brings me to the second apology. For those of you using Firefox (as I do at work) you’re good. You can see the new bar, it’s pretty, and you can click on it, and the world is a wonderful and happy place.

For those of you who use Internet Explorer (as I do at home) some unknown, hidden option is making the body of the post wider than the space allotted to it, (Or perhaps IE is just interpreting something wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised.) thus covering over most of the bar on the right. After discovering this odd behavior or IE, I spent about an hour tracking down what controlled that bit of my website and trying to fix it to no avail. As such I am deferring to Matt, as soon as he gets his lazy butt out of bed. For now, I just wanted to explain wth is going on.

Edit: And once again, Matt saves the day. But now I see other things I’d like to ‘fix’. I know it’s silly to work on a live site, but I’m just a silly person. I’ll try and make sure nothing stays aqua, or hidden for very long.

Edit2: Learning many things. Once of which is to look-up stuff sometimes rather than trying to figure it out through trial and error. Another being that IE is like an annoying conservative when it comes to tables. If an item is in a table IE believe that it should be in that position, and no other, and that the entire table should follow that no matter what any css or anything else in the world might have to say. Firefox kinda looks at it as a suggestion and goes from there. As such, I will probably go on a crusade to get rid of all tables from my site at some point in the future. It wasn’t viable until I learned more about css, but I think I can handle it now.

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