>.> Ballz /giggle

(Fail not actually posting this once I wrote it.)

This fight was a pain and a half to learn, but I ended up still liking it by the end, which is saying something. Don’t know how I’ll feel after next week when we have to down it again to get to Anub, but one thing at a time.

We followed the standard strat of melee/healers in the middle and ranged around the outside making sure the wrong color ballz didn’t go into the middle and kill everyone. Once we got ranged to realize that picking up their ballz was more important than any dps they could do, we made much more progress.

And again there is no real kill shot, but here’s one I took of the bids for Death’s Verdict, heroic version. Alt ended up winning and has the non-heroic version as well.

Twins Vid

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