Cataclysm Averted

Even though I swore it already happened. I mean they named the stupid expansion after it. But no, I guess Deathwing didn’t bother to get it right the first time. This time there was a whole lot of black…/cough…I mean I have no idea what happens if Deathwing gets off that cast because we certainly never let it happen. Ever. >.> Don’t judge me.

Anyway, normal mode was easy, as is it’s wont. There was stompy man, and tennis man, and ooze man, and “put me to sleep” man, and airship man, and Deathwing’s back, and then Deathwing. Nothing all that clever, but except for “put me to sleep man” none of the fights were absolutely horrible.

Anyway, two screenshots. One of my rad achievement and all of the quotes that I had saved up. And the second our actual killshot. Next week we start heroic mode. I hear it’s hard. Like bleeding from your eyes hard. I can’t wait.

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