Catching up

So I took all of last week off. I did not play as much wow as I was expecting, nor did I play as much Disgaea 2 either. I spent most of my time catching up on a few anime series and drawing. Yeah I know, weird. But it was well relaxing, and I enjoyed it.

Thursday my mom came to pick me up to head to PA for my cousin Kelly’s wedding. One missed exit had us visiting New Jersey for almost three hours before SD saved us with some google mapping, and we finally arrived at Poppie’s old house. The next day was a “chill and visit family” day. We went to my Aunt Janice’s and I saw Eric (cousin) and their new house. Ann and Kevin came right about dinner time. The next morning we left right on time, and ended up going in the wrong direction (the directions we had told us to go west on a road, when the only options were north and south), only to show up after the wedding was over. So we went to the reception with everyone else and had a very nice time. The food was good, and the wedding party played Guitar Hero, which was neat. We didn’t stay too long, and afterward we went to a local hotel and spent the night. I got a little raiding in after moving rooms to be close enough to get the hotel’s unsecured wireless signal. Managed to get home with no mishaps and we were able to see 28 hawks sitting alongside the road, which my mom (who does this whenever she travels) says is a new record. The old one only being 16.

So many things I want to write about: Drawing, photographs, Blacksburg, God, plants, writing. It’s a pretty long and varied list, but there are still four work days left in the week. I’ll have time.

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