Curator Down

After two weekends of spacing issues and subpar dps, we have managed to break all of the displays…I mean we’ve downed The Curator.

I know this is late, we downed him last weekend, but yours truely was home for Easter, and on her sister’s computer when this screen shot was taken, and it took just this long to get the file converted and sent over to me. I r lazy. (Present date note: Apparently this screenshot is long gone on photobucket. I should’ve kept a copy…)

And due to the same fact that I was home for Easter, I was unfairly dragged from my computer mere moments after The Curator hit the floor, and thus was not present for The Chess Event*, (Which I heard was fun…and my boots got sharded…qq.) nor the clearing of the trash to Aran…or the Prince. I’m still not clear on which way they took.

*note the subpar screen shot quality, and send all complaints to Silly.

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