Free Beer?

After two weeks of disappointments and wipes, we headed to SSC with new resolution. Or perhaps it was just the alcohol dulling our senses. With flying jackalopes running invisibly around our feet, we wiped away the trash and posed for a picture in front of Hydross.

Look look! There he is in the background! :) Koi went through his amazing two hour strat in a mere fifteen minutes, (We still got to role play.) and charged in.





There’s nothing more to it than that. We moved flawlessly through phase changes, and besides a few people pulling aggro on the adds, we had them down with a good mark and a half to focus fire on Hydross before the next phase change. At 13% we burned through him, leaving an easy 30 seconds on his enrage timer.

With a one shot of a new boss under our belts, we headed for Lurker. And we found a new challenge. After finally mastering “The Elevator”(TM) we found a new environmental nemesis. The hole. That’s right, we lost no less than 7 people to watery deaths while attempting to get around/over a deviously designed break between walkway and platform. We hope to cut the number of deaths in half by next week, but that might be a little ambitious of us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost durability during these trying times.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel! Our paladin squad now has a full set of matching purple boots! They are now snazzy enough that looking directly at all of them at once may cause blindness. (It’s good practice for tier 5.)

And did I mention three nether vortexes (vorticies?) dropped? We finally have our first piece of pve crafted gear. Gratz Suthee. I want to wring your neck for that little joke.

btw, this is what happens when I actually have time to write an entry as opposed to throwing up a kill picture while we’re clearing trash to the next boss. :)

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