Full Speed into NaNoWriMo

Well I’m what, two weeks into NaNoWriMo for this year? It’s going well. I am actually rather surprised at how easy getting 2k words a day (with Fridays off) actually is. It’s taking me, on average, less than an hour and a half to write 2k words. However part of this is that I am writing the words in two or three chunks of no more than 45 minutes. Once I get around there, I start to get antsy and very easily distracted. Not a lot of information about how much time I need between sessions since right now I write before work and then again after lunch, so there’s a pretty big break, and between those two sessions I generally have my 2k words.

Today I pushed for 2.5k since I did a surprising amount of writing at work. I just kept having ideas that I needed to write down, so I pushed for a little more. It does mean, that it’s possible I’ll be able to crank out more words if I learn what I need to do to refill my self for more words. And the fact that my ability to write new story prose takes a sharp nosedive in the evenings.

I might try 2.5k words for a few days and see how it feels. But I had some major breakthroughs with the overall story today at work, thus why I had to write it all down. Can’t really be very specific, which is one sad thing about not having any of these books published. If you were all fans and had read the previous books I would hand out hints and tidbits. But alas. Most anything would be a spoiler.

I have come to the conclusion, however, that I need to cut off my desire to draw out mysteries through the book. The Wizard needs to hit the ground running if I’m going to have any time to actually address the mysteries that need to be addressed. I’m pretty sure I know what the book’s halfway point is now and it’s far earlier than I was thinking it would be. Knock on wood, but I am not stalling out on this book the way I was expecting. Every time I think I have, I get another new idea. The book is, however, coming out very weird. Lots of scenes that are going to need to be stitched together later, there’s almost no flow right now. But I’m not letting myself worry about that, for now I’m just getting the ideas out and letting myself shift what I need to shift to keep going forward. I’m getting so excited about where I’m seeing this book going.

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