Gaggles of Murlocs

Tidewalker. What is there to say about Tidewalker? He’s big…and purple…and farts green bubbles? This fight is easy. The strat is almost laughably simple. Execution; slightly harder. I don’t think anyone would disagree that this is a bit of a gear check.

Mostly a healer check. Can you keep up the raid when they all take damage (earthquake), when half (or more) of the healers are suddenly mia for a good 10-20 seconds (watery grave), when two tanks have to grab crazy aggro on two gaggles of murlocs that everyone else has to aoe down (gogo pally tanks), and when the tank is taking OMG SPIKE DAMAGE! Of course it’s also a tank check to survive that OMG SPIKE DAMAGE. As well as a raid health check, to have enough health to make it through the watery grave.

Our healers rose beautifully to the challenge, with only minimal complaints. And things went much better once our second pally tank actually went and specced protection. (ie, he didn’t die if I got graved.)

Like Maggi-poo, it was our first time to the last phase, but everything went off without a hitch. Those of us not dpsing the boss (and thus not seeing that he hit 25%) were correctly informed of the shift into the hallway. All of the nefarious bubbles despawned a good distance away from us, and never gave us a problem.

Of course to add to the excitement, our MT succumbed to the OMG SPIKE DAMAGE at 1%, and the gaggles finished us off after we finished Tidewalker off. Yay DI and SS.

After that we went to play with Karathress a bit. Talks of the leet 2Her abounded as our raid leader stumbled through the strat. Luckily some of us had actually read it beforehand in anticipation of Tidewalker’s imminent demise. We pulled! And I died in 16 seconds. (Tanking the lolshaman with lolwindfury and lolspitfire.) It was impressive. I wish I had a screenshot. I’ll apparently be tanking the priest from now on. :)

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