Heart Broken

So we’ve been purposely passing by Flame Leviathan and XT-002 hardmodes for the simple reason that they’re not necessary (in hardmode) to get to Algalon. We after our easy kill of him in 10-man, Koi seemed to realize that XT-002 was just a big baby.

Using a strat that I thought was just going to cause unnecessary raid damage, we put in one good night (wasn’t even a full night I don’t think) and got XT-002 down for our [Heroic: Heartbreaker] achievement. /omgthumbsup

In the 10-man scene after weeks and weeks and nerfs we managed [Firefighter]. Used to like that fight. Don’t anymore. While I appreciate the hard factor that keeps scrubs from being able to claim Ulduar Clear! lkahkjdhskjhanusdhk

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