Illusion Shattered

So we downed our first hard mode in 25-man. Took us a while, about on par with how long it took to learn the harder bosses pre-LK. I’m actually quite thrilled about it, all things considered. Blizzard came up with a decent way to allow casuals (10-man normal), semi-casuals (10-man hard or 25-man normal), and hard core raiders (25-man hard) to all see the content and get the desired challenge out of the game.

Once we figured out what strat to use on Thorim it all worked out pretty well. I actually like seeing how ‘sloppily’ we play on normal modes (Mostly because that’s good enough to down a boss.) and then watch as we tighten up our strat and our play in order to down the hard mode. Normal mode Thorim people could be wherever, most only got out of 50% of the lightning charges and chain lightning got chained around everywhere.

In hard mode, the battle field is pretty much halved by the addition of blizzard and moving becomes all that much harder with the frost effects while the lightning damage becomes unforgiving. The enrage timer itself stops mattering as the dps races to burn down the boss before the tanks are one shot. Fun stuff.

Not much point of a kill shot since it looks no different from one off a normal kill, but then I need something to go on this front page. I added some extras so it won’t be too boring.

And since I’m posting for our latest 25-man victory, I figure I might as well bring you up to speed on the currant achievements for our 10-man group.

With the addition of Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (which I wasn’t in raid for) we’re looking at only Mimiron keeping us from our date with Algalon. Discouraging wipes only made slightly better knowing that everyone considers hard mode Mimiron the hardest fight. Downing it, even in 10-man, will deserve a front page post.

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