Inner Demons Down

So we played with Leo last week, as we are apt to do when we down a new boss we go wipe on the next one just to see the fight, (Generally people are lazy and haven’t read the strat yet.) for whatever time we have left in the raid.

The strat is pretty easy, all things considered, and after our continued success against Mr. Unstable, I figured most of the large bumps having to do with aggro sensitive fights were behind us. Turns out I was right. Our second pull of the night he was down to an agonizing 1% before he enraged and wiped out the remaining dps.

After that we had a few issues with people learning to tackle their inner demons correctly. Though in general our healers had less trouble than our dps. I don’t know what that says about our guild… And on our last attempt of the night (after many of our bedtimes. :o ) we brought down the poor, insane demon hunter with almost a minute left on his engrage timer.

Then he went and dropped double Champion and the tanking belt. /sigh

If you feel like being a jerk, go do it in some other guild.

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