My Most Inspirational Quotes: #1

I see lots of inspirational posts on my Facebook feed, and not only because I tend to post a number of them. I like both the joy and inspiration they bring me and hope it brings a little bit of that to the other people who see them.

Most of the time I look at one of these quotes, it makes me happy, and I go on my merry way. The content of the quote usually does nothing further to effect my life. However, there are a few inspirational quotes that I have come across (or made up myself) that are a more constant source of inspiration for both my writing and my life in general.

The first of those is a quote I came across a while ago. I posted it on my Facebook feed, and then I found myself continually going back to it. So one day I pulled out a note card and I wrote that quote down so that it sits just beneath my monitor so I can be inspired by it daily.

This quote means a lot to me because I struggle daily with not feeling like I’m doing enough with regard to my writing. I rarely go a day where I don’t write at all, but I have a constant nagging that any ‘down time’ could be instead spent on my writing.

But when I see the quote by my monitor, whether I’m at my computer for work or pleasure, I can look at that and remind myself that I am still moving forward, that I am still going to come back and write more, even if I’m not doing it at that exact moment. This constant reminder is helping me to reprogram the habitual behavior that makes me worry that I’m never working hard enough. Such that I can remember the quote even when I’m not in front of my computer.

Do you have a quote or some other kind of reminder that you have posted in a place you see every day? I’d love to hear what those are in the comments.

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