After two hours of bad luck in getting our off tank attuned, we finally all assembled in front of Karazhan, Deadwind Pass, Azeroth. Potions were bought, emotions were high, and I was in my pink dress.

We stepped inside, looking around in the first baddie free lobby, and decided to take a screen shot, before realizing we were missing a drood, and had to go back out to summon her.

We started killing spectral horses, chargers, and those pesky undead humans without the comfort of a priest’s shackle. It wasn’t long before our work paid off.

Leet Epix!

But seriously, we finally came upon Midnight, less than 25 min (approximately) after starting in the stables. We engaged! We died! But we did not give up. And Attumen the Huntsman met his demise against the scouting party of OOB.

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