I’ve always wanted to server spam. Like always, and I finally got to. :D

So our trip down Lich King Heroic started long long ago, in a galaxy where Halion did not exist. Then we took like three months off and downed the stupid pink dragon. Yeah Koi, that was fun. >.> BUT THEN we came back to the Lich King and promptly began having attendance issues. YAY! Many nights we had anywhere from 20 to 24 people in the raid. It was frustrating, but the reason we’ve stayed together as a guild for over three…four…? however many years now is because Koi is the most stubborn person in the world. (Case in point, this version of word press hasn’t been updated since we got this website…)

In a last ditch attempt to down Lich King before Cataclysm, we appointed Levo…iknorite? as recruiting officer. Lo and behold he worked some sort of magic and we managed to pull in three new initiates which pulled us up to the standard 25 man raid. We went into raiding that night and not only got to p3 for the first time, but got the boss to 22% with two minutes left on the enrage timer before we just ran out of living people.

And then you can guess what happened. We had a record number of people on Friday night. We stumbled around the boss for a few attempts, and then in the one attempt where some really crazy stuff happened, we managed to turn it into a kill. Many that kill vid that I get around to doing in December after NaNoWriMo is over is going to be great!

Edit: So we of course celebrated as soon as we all died, but Koi in his insight and wisdom was like “omg gais, wut if the server crashes?” And we all laughed, and we got our achievements, and I passed out all the loot, and Koi was about to call rolls on Invincible when…the server actually crashed. We came back in to a soft reset instance with valk’yr and no Lich King body with Invincible still on it. qq

So we rolled and got double 100s, out of which Azshane, our resident shirly aussie came out on top. And she got to hope that our tickets to the GMs would prove fruitful in receiving Invincible. Oddly enough, I got a response by the next day. iknorite? Asking who everything was going to go to, and I went into ZG thinking it would take a while for a GM to get back to me. Nope. He popped in while I was killing the tiger boss and said Invincible was in the mailbox for Azzy and I got the two worthless tokens for the 10 they are worth. He also clarified the problem with the servers.

And Azzy finally got out of her own ZG run to come show us the much improved Invincible model.

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