May Writing Plan

In April I got very little writing done. It was a busy month with lots of fun things to do that managed to all fall on consecutive weekends. It means I got to do everything, but it also meant that preparing for the Horse Show and the Spotlight MasterTreat took up most of my free time.

Over this past weekend I was in Las Vegas for the MasterTreat, and in an attempt to stay on east coast time, I was up at 4 or 5 every morning. I managed to get a lot of ‘writing’ done during these free hours before the actual event started at 9. I actually did a lot of smoothing. (Which is what I call organizing/rewriting the results of writing scenes multiple times and in random order.)

When I got home and synked my files from Dropbox, I realized that all of the organization I had done had been reset. The changes in the files themselves were safe, but whatever file decides how the files are displayed in Scrivener must have got screwed up somehow. I had to go into my project folder, pull out all the files I had edited this weekend, and then try and put everything back in order.

I was rather annoyed about that and it took me longer to do than I would’ve liked. Instead of being able to continue the momentum I had over the weekend, I had to stumble around in the dark. I’ll push forward again knowing that some of the changes I think I made may not be there anymore.

That being said, it is still my goal to have the rough draft of The Huntsman done by the end of the month. So I have made a schedule in the form of a list, as I love to do:

  • May 3 – 7: I am going to finish smoothing (or resmooth if necessary) what I need to smooth.
  • May 8 – 14: I am going to focus on writing the scenes needed for Tabitha’s character arc, which involve Wildrose and Snowdrop.
  • May 15 – 21: I will be on vacation, but I always like working on my writing anyway. This week I’ll work on Emelia and do any smoothing as a result of the previous week.
  • May 22 – 28: I will work on finishing up the story which is mostly Gabir’s arc, which will give the book an ending.

I am looking forward to being able to put a done stamp on this rough draft since it has taken me so much longer than writing The Storyteller. I’ll be posting again in two weeks with another journal entry.

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