New TV Season

So, the new season of TV has begun. Here’s a quick review of the new TV series I’m watching and what I think an episode or two in:


I liked these books by Cassandra Clare (though I liked the “Clockwork” series based in the same world better) and so I figured I would give the TV series a go.

While the differences between the TV series and the books did not bother me, (Except the fact that Brother Zackariah has his eyes and mouth sewn shut.) the acting was so poor that every time any actor opened their mouth, all I could do was cringe.

Seeing as it was the pilot, I did give it a second episode, in which the acting was thankfully better; except for Clary. She’s still pretty bad, but at least now I’m not wincing all the time. I was not expecting this to be amazingly written or acted, so now it simply falls into the “I could enjoy it.” space, which is a fine place to be.

Legends of Tomorrow

Another DC series set in the same universe as Arrow and Flash, and quite obviously as this series pulls the …well ancillary characters from those two series and gives them something to do.

It was a two part pilot in which it set up the basic premise of the show. Does it count as spoilers if it happens in the pilot? Anyway, we gather six minor heroes and two villains who are told by a rebellious Time Master (Not Time LORD mind you.) that since they don’t really effect time much on their own, he’s going to pull them out and go after this super bad dude who, in the future, takes over the world, but since he killed the Time Master’s family, we have enough bodies in the refrigerator to spur action.

The most amusing thing about this show, and the real reason we’re watching it at this point, is the amazing dialogue created by taking such a wide cast of characters and playing them against each other. It seems it will be entertaining at least, even if we have to continue to put up with the Time Master’s cheesy dialogue.


I had a hard time with this episode at first since I was raised Christan, there was no space in my mind for Lucifer to not be a villain. Once I was able to put years of religious conditioning to the side, I was actually impressed with this episode.
Mostly I love the actor playing Lucifer, who I followed over from Rush (which was pretty bad and canceled after one season). He has such a boyish innocence to him which somehow lends itself wonderfully to the confidant character he’s playing.

Now the main female lead spent most of the episode with her pupils absolutely tiny which just made her freaky to look at, but she doesn’t seem too bad.

Writing wasn’t amazing and my husband and I are wondering how convoluted things will have to be considering most people just blurt out important information whenever Lucifer smiles. Time will tell, but I am super excited for the second episode.

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