One Piece – Klesk and Kithara

Next in a series of posts to show off minis I have painted in the past two years.

I have been participating in a 4th ed campaign set in the world of the One Piece manga/anime. These are the two characters (We all have two so we have a proper crew without having to have too many players.) that I play.

Klesk is the first character I came up, and is, admittedly my favorite. See, I have this thing for gryffins. Maybe you can tell. Klesk was raised as a slave, given a random devil fruit so he would be a better pit fighter. It ended up being a mythical zoan type gryffin gryffin. He was released by Ophelia, the ‘at the time’ captain who he now sees as a mother figure. He is a melee, single target fighter who abuses speed, which comes from learning to fight in death matches. And yes he can fly in character. After their time in hell he has realized some of the ruthless lengths he will have to go through in order to protect his ‘family’. This mini was modeled together from three different minis by Blake and painted by me. It is surprisingly well-balanced despite its top heavy look.

Kithara is my secondary character. She came from one of my stories, redone a bit to fit into the One Piece world. She was a fishman noble who went out to become a pirate captain. She was, for a while, vying for position of captain of the Steel Fist Pirates (since it was under debate for a while). After their time in hell, Kithara has realized that there are other aspects of herself that no one has ever gotten to know because she’s hidden them. The only modding on the mini was the crest on her head and the flower, done by me.

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