Onyxia Down!

(Okay fine, not really Onyxia…) Magtheridon, or Maggi-poo as I tend to call him, is more than a bit of a pain. Since we no longer need to impress our guardian snowflake in order to get into The Eye, the general consensus was, “Why bother?”.

Rich lore (and progression) aside, he’s a jerk of a fight, especially since we only have two regular warlocks. Our problem was not so much downing the adds (four down before Mags came out with 10 sec to go, on our kill) but keeping the add’s adds from having their way with our healers while we were doing so. So we turned to the veritable army that is our guild’s hunters for trapping goodness.

Once we actually got to the cube part without people dead, I found it a lot easier than I was expecting. After all the qq on the forums about clicker lag and such, I was expecting another few hours to lrn2cube. As everyone will probably agree, I called out *way* to many “get to your cube” warnings, but the clickers handled it like he was on farm. Even with the great fun that is earthquake just seconds before clicking time.

Plus since it was our first time below 30%, we had a few random deaths due to rocks. (I swear, I was up until 3%.) If not for those cave-ins, this fight would’ve been the easiest tank and spank in the world. Almost feels like the cave-ins should start closer to 50% so the healers have something to heal other than just Koi. But I digress.

After some confusion about Maggi-poo’s head, and Rosa getting leet gloves for 31 dkp, we were more than ready to be done for the night. Not a bad way to start off the weekend.

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