Otakon 2008

It was that time of year once again, when Otakon came around. We left on Thursday, got our badges early, (as Otakon has been allowing for a few years now) and then went home to chill. (We being me, Matthew, and friend Matt from Tech.)

Friday we headed in, got the hotel room early, and puttered around the con. By that night we were joined by Chris (from Tech), Shawn (Chris’ friend), Brian (Matthew’s coworker), Brian’s sister (never did get her name), and Kelsey (Matthew’s sister). Nothing much of note in the AMVs unfortunately sans the Otakon legal department pulling some videos that were anime set to American movie trailer audio for obvious legal reasons.

I was very happy with my purchases this year, which I will now show off:

First picture! Stuff from Artist Alley. These are all prints of art done by fans. Aeris continues to be one of my favorite characters, along with Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Then one mustn’t forget Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts, and Hitsugaya from Bleach. I got two of him, a nice looking bust picture, as well as a beautifully rendered piece of him Bankai mode. Also there are fun little bitty prints of Saber, Near from Death Note, Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, and Gaara from Naruto.

Next are the figures that I seem to be getting more and more interested in. I spent the entirely of the weekend looking for Saber figures, and these are the two I ended up coming home with. The larger one cost me quite a bit, the smaller not so much. I’m also one for keeping things as near mint as possible, as such everything is staying in the boxes. (This also makes dusting much easier.)

Next picture, more figures. Vincent and Aeris from FFVII. These figures are from an entire set. The company also put out Kingdom Hearts figures (all of which I passed over, mostly cause I didn’t find Riku.) but these two are the ones I got.

And this year I was able to find two nice wallscrolls. Code Geass (for which I need to find and download the second season) and Tsubasa. We put these wallscrolls in the back window as we were driving home and the plastic at the top and bottom warped into not straight patterns. I’m unhappy about that, and plan to sometime try and warp them back (don’t even know if it’d be possible) but until then, yay wallscrolls.

Two “official” posters. One of my new favorite game of all time: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. It’s actually a picture of some figures that were put out. I tried looking for the Lenneth one, but surprise surprise, after two years it seems to be quite rare. (I found 3/5 on ebay.) The Inuyasha pic, even though I don’t watch the show / follow it in any way anymore, had all of the main characters in a nice poster and so I decided to grab it for old time’s sake.

And last picture is two pencil boards I found that I really liked. (I’m not usually much of a pencil board fan.) The soundtrack for Macross Frontier which I am currently watching, and a “How to draw” book. As usual, any time I am exposed to large amounts of fabulous artwork, I have that urge to draw yet again. Also, we had Arby’s for lunch.

I also got Ann’s birthday present, but I won’t spoil what it is. She’ll get it in due time.

I got everything from the con that I wanted except a Kowaru (from Evangelion) figure that I saw at the first place we went to in the dealer’s room. I told myself I would look for it cheaper elsewhere, and then totally forgot about it. And now I can’t find it on ebay or anywhere else. Ahh well, life happens.

All in all I had a fabulous Otakon, and we’ll see whether I get an update out tonight, or if you have to wait until Thursday.

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  • LoL Inuyasha. I liked to watch that show, too bad I never finished it. Only aware as far as the ‘demon realm’ trip but I need to find out what episode # that is and finish watching it.

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