Otakon 2010

So as my husband pointed out, this is actually my 11th year of going to Otakon. That makes me feel so old! But I still remember Otakon of 2000 when my friend Anne decided with some of her other friends maybe two days before the con, that we were going, and getting up at 4am to drive up there on the Friday of the con, and having a hotel outside the city, and not being able to find parking, and walking a mile in a downpour. It’s a wonder I ever went back.

So if you want to see all the pictures, I had Picasa make one of those instant web pages here.

As for my swag pictures:

So in the back are Hope and Lightning figures. My favorite characters from FFXIII. I also wanted to get an Ashe, who I felt was the only really worthwhile character from FFXII (except Balthier, though I didn’t really like him) but alas, I didn’t see her. In the middle is my Otakon badge. The rest of the stuff was actually from our day at the Towson Mall the day after the con. A Pride and Prejudice comic (yeah it’s weird, plus I’m so used to seeing the characters from the A&E series that I can’t remember who is who.) the latest Mercades Lackey book in paperback, a fancy covered notebook, and yummy treats from Harry and Davids.

A print from Otakon’s Artist Alley of all the Eevee evolutions. It’s just so darn cute.

I’m a fan of Flaffy, and since we had a free print to pick out (Buy two, get one free and James got the other one.) I picked this one for fun.

Stuffed animals galore. In the back, the blue, pink, and green things are from Shugo Chara! One of my most favoritest series. Then Lugia, who I did not see a plush of the entire weekend until our last trip through the dealer’s room when we technically weren’t supposed to spend any more money. The green thing is Ai-kun from Macross Frontier. One of my other favoritest series. Then of course growlithe and lapras.

Lots and lots of manga. No need to list out all the series as you can read them if you really want to know.

And if you’re interested in seeing my room immediately post Otakon: Clicky. The ‘ghosting’ and any crookedness you see is from my using the panorama option on my camera. It automatically takes three pictures and puts them together. Doesn’t work as great on things this close, but it served my purpose.

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