Like Bowling Pins

Two nights of serious attempts, and a two shot tonight. Once people learned to channel their inner fish this boss went down really really fast. Our raiders are improving by leaps and bounds, and it won’t be long before the next few kill pics go up. For now. Flouder is served.


Go away for a weekend and see what happens? Anyway, I’d say we’ve officially stepped into 25-man content as of last Friday. It’s currently 5am, and I can’t sleep.

zomg, another update

Sorry about the picture for the moment of death. We came back and got High King Maulgar. Organizing 25 people is hard…I’m going to have to get a little more practice. btw, two warlock/hunter/mage tokens and I didn’t get either. qq Gratz to Rosa and Amber, and to Koho who got the Hammer of the …