Plan to Finish my Plot Draft

So for reasons I have been thinking about NaNoWriMo early this year. As such, I’ve started thinking about what I would do for NaNoWriMo. I have come to the following conclusion: I will write 65,000 words (2k a day with Fridays off) for my third Storyteller novel, working title: The Wizard, for NaNo, which means I need to hammer out the rest of my Plot Draft for the Huntsman before November. (A Plot Draft comes after the Rough Draft, it’s when I fill in enough of the plot that the whole story feels contiguous.)

As such, I have made a plan that looks like this:

July 30-Aug 6: Once over of what I have for the Huntsman right now and identifying/working on areas that are weak. Also hammering out scenes to fill any holes. (2 weeks)
Aug 7 – 13: Smoothing Pass (1 week)
Aug 14 – 27: Gabir’s arc (2 weeks)
Aug 28 – Sept 10: Wildrose’s arc (2 weeks)
Sept 11 – 24: Tabitha’s arc (2 weeks)
Sept 25 – Oct 8: Misc arc: Silver, Princess, Aladdin, Emelia, etc (2 weeks)
Oct 8 – 22: Smoothing Pass (2 weeks)
Oct 26 – Oct 28: Start NaNoWriMo early. (I’m going to World Fantasy Con this year. I leave Nov 1st and get back Nov 6. I know from experience that my ability to write new stuff is severely limited while traveling. As such, I’ll just plan to give myself 6 days in October to get started on my word count and then pick it back up after I get back from Texas.)

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