Pokemon Black (and white)

So being the pokemon fan that I am, along with the convenience of it coming out mere days before my birthday, I picked up Pokemon Black this past weekend. I started playing it. First impressions. Okay cool, we’re back to planning on going on a pokemon journey instead of having to save the professor and just accidentally picking up the starter. Eh, not bad that you have two childhood friends that pick up the pokemon you don’t choose and then show up in many story things as you go. Pretty bad that there are not many decent pokemon in the starting levels unless you want to use those god ugly monkeys. (Munna sucks btw, usually psychic types have some sort of redeeming features, but he’s slow AND has no defense…this’ll be my first game EVER going though without a psychic type.) Horrible that the ‘rival’ role is filled by a neurotic green haired thing who talks too much and ends up having a castle later. (OMG SPOILERS) Beyond horrible that there are different areas in black and white. The Black City as opposed to the White Forest. Sorry guys, it was bad enough you making some pokemon exclusive to a game pack color, but a whole area? BAD. BADBADBAD.

I’m warming up to some of the pokemon though, which I didn’t really think I’d do, but in general I just see every way it’s not as good as HeartGold/SoulSilver and it makes me cry. I haven’t picked it up in two days. I will get through it, but I’m not really sure what I have to look forward to.

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