My Most Recent Five-Star Read

I am rather sparse with my five-star ratings. I have to actually think to myself ‘I am so glad this book exists’ or ‘this book is so great’ to myself several times during the reading of the book for it to qualify for five stars. As such I don’t have a ton of them.

I went to check goodreads, where I record how I feel about a book so I don’t have to remember. :D Off the top of my head I thought my last five star rated book was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, but it turns out it was Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron. Rachel Aaron is the author of the Eli Monpress series which was also five star rated by me a long while ago. At some point I was like ‘I remember this author, has she put anything out since then?’ and lo and behold she had. I just seem to jive with her writing style.

So far I only have read two authors who have multiple five-star rated books I’ve read, that is Rachel Aaron and, of course, Brandon Sanderson.

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