Review: Avengers: Infinity War

My Review of Avengers: Infinity War

My summary: Thanos is here. Yeah, we’re f&%$ed.

Why I watched this movie: I love the MCU.

What I knew going in: The rest of the MCU.

My response: Well part of me is ashamed of myself because I didn’t write this review back when I first saw the movie, and thus had the strongest opinions about what I saw. Now we’re left with what I remember the best, which perhaps are the things that hit me the hardest. First off, the opening scene basically kicked me in the face, not just because Loki died, but because of how well it set up the tone for the entire movie. As soon as that first scene ended, I looked at my hubby and said, “Well, holy crap.” I liked what they did with Thanos and making him somewhat human feeling. And yes, I read articles on the dangerous precedence it sets to claim Thanos really loved Gamora, who he abused for years. But I don’t think there’s any question that Thanos is a bad guy, but even bad guys are still human on some level.

The fights were all pretty cool, and they did a great job putting all the characters in even though they each got so little screen time. I was surprised by a few of the people who got ashed, but I don’t remember why specifically now since I’ve been sitting with who went and who didn’t for months now. And I was fine with them getting ashed, because, well they’re superheroes and that’s just what happens. What hit me hard, like I cried in the movie theater, was the after credit sequence where you’re in a city and half the population gets ashed. Seeing that made it far more real than ‘oh, the superheroes in the movie disappeared’. People were just gone, leaving behind friends and family who have absolutely no clue what happened, who were in no way involved. Is the rest of the world even going to be told what really happened? And while we *know* it’s all going to get fixed somehow, we have no idea how quickly, and if anyone will remember what happened or not.

Do I recommend this movie?: Yes.

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