Review: Foundryside

My Review of Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

My summary: A thief takes the job to steal something, even though the offered money is enough to inform her that it’s a job that would be better left alone. She knows she shouldn’t open the box, but she just can’t help herself.

Why I picked up this book: Truthfully? Because I was impressed enough by his ‘Divine Cities’ trilogy and the ending he nailed, that I picked up this book without even reading the cover. I find myself doing that a lot more, recently.

What I knew going in: The book is called Foundryside and he got some cover quotes by impressive people.

My response: I had my mind blown by the world building at least three times in the first 150 pages of this book. I devoured this book like it was a thriller, it pulled me along so beautifully. There was one span of maybe ten pages somewhere close after the halfway point that dragged enough for me to notice. The characters were all enjoyable, the magic system was amazing, and I am dying to find out more about the world he’s set up.

Do I recommend this book?: In terms of world-building and magic system, I was impressed by this book more page for page than anything Sanderson I’ve read. Wow, that was actually painful for me to write. So yes, go read this book.

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