Review: Legion

My Review of Legion by Brandon Sanderson

My summary: Stephen Leeds has hallucinations that have personalities and expertise that help him solve crimes, but who he must imagine as realistically existing in the world (ie: Each individual hallucination must have his or her own room, or their own seat on an airplane.).

Why I picked up this book: Mostly because it’s Brandon Sanderson. I actually passed on it when it was just a novella, and only picked it up now when all three stories are included.

What I knew going in: That the main character could interact with his hallucinations.

My response: I always thought this was an interesting concept, but it got a new layer when I realized the lengths Stephen had to go through in order to stay sane. The mysteries he solves, in themselves, are interesting, but I really loved Stephen and his interactions with the other people in his brain. Also, very satisfied with the ending, but then I don’t think Brandon’s let me down on that count yet.

Do I recommend this book?: It’s entertaining enough. I’ve read so much Brandon Sanderson now that I feel no need to champion every one of his books. I’ll still recommend the Mistborn trilogy first, and if (and ONLY if) you’re a dedicated epic fantasy fan, the Stormlight Archives, over this book.

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