Revision Update: The Plan

So here it is, the new year. 2015. Yay. I suppose you could say that revising this story is my New Year’s Resolution, but really it’s just happened like this because January happened to be the next full month after I sat down and made the plan to revise my story.

So here is a recap of the overall plan:
December 6 – 31 (3.5wks): Extract an Outline (Done)
January 1 – February 5 (5wks): Plot and Story (Currently here)
February 6 – 27 (3wks): Main Character
February 28 – March 13 (2wks): Secondary Character(s)
March 14 – April 4 (3wks): World Building
April 5 – April 12 (1wk): Dialogue
April 13 – 27 (2wks): Description
April 28 – May 12 (2wks): Theme
May 13 – 20 (1wk): Line Editing

So this coming Thursday I will have completed the first week of world building revision. I figure I would throw this post up saying what my plan is for this week. On Thursday I will look at what I did and reevaluate if what I’m did is working, or if I need to tweak it.

So, for this week I am working on Plot and Story. The plan is to dive into the story I have after extracting my outline and fill in the bits I was planning that I never got around to writing, or fitting in bits that I did write that are just out of order.

It will probably require a decent amount of new writing, which I think is where I really stumbled in my last attempt at revision. Somehow I didn’t know it was okay to completely rewrite whole sections and chapters. Now I am aware it’s simply part of the revision process.

I would like to get through the whole story in four weeks, so the fifth week I can read through, pull another outline, and make sure everything is there. That’s the plan. Look for the next post Friday.

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