Saber Garage Kit

So I was finally able to get the Saber garage kit I had been eyeing for so long. After signing up and ordering on a website entirely in Japanese, getting it sent to a company who would send it overseas (as Volks would not), and dealing with a change in my credit card number which canceled my first attempt. Kind of a hassle, but my darling Saber is worth it.

For those who don’t know, a garage kit is an unassembled, unpainted, resin version of an anime figure that may or may not have a PVC version. This Saber does not, to my knowledge, at this time have a PVC version. This means that sometime in the future (maybe far future) I will have to assemble and paint this kit on my own.

I’m still working on learning to paint on the smaller and far cheaper reaper miniatures. But as she could go out of print at any time, I wanted to make sure to get her now.

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