SSC Clear

Well it feels more like a dream than anything else. We first saw Lady Vashj on November 10th, the the day after we downed Leo. Since our strategy is grinding right through the trash to the progression boss, we still had the rest of the instance to clear after that Demon Hunter hottie was downed. That took us the entirely of a raid, so in our normal “Hey, let’s go wipe on the next boss cause it’s too late for a real attempt.” we went up to see Vashj.

It was a fairly productive first try. With half the raid hearthing out, and several members nekkid, we still got her to phase 2. (So hard, I kno, rite?) The next two weeks, due to matters out of our control (Tidewalker can rot in hell.) we only got one night each week to play with our beloved coilfang matron. (Seriously, look at this screenshot. Is that not the most beautiful model in the game?)

We were continuously getting to 2/4 generators down, before the striders (yeah…plural) would cause mass chaos in the raid, and we would wipe. So last night, we changed our strat a bit. We gave priority to damage on the striders instead of the naga as we had been doing. As a result, Koi was tanking three of those scythe wielding buggers at a time at a few points, but the Striders were dying with time to spare.

We choreographed perfectly through vent, getting the tainted elementals down, while calling out for help killing the elementals that fell to second priority when that poison spewing invalid would appear. The rest of the raid responded perfectly.

The generators fell, we ripped through the remaining elementals, the strider, and two nagas that had to be pulled off Koi. The hunters looked to the sky for the spore bats we had never seen before. I got dizzy trying to follow those little buggers through the air while avoiding the poison that was already seeping into the ground.

By the time I called hunter dps on Vashj, she was already down to nearly 25%. She went down fast. So much faster than I remember phase 1 ever going. The poison wasn’t that bad at first. Then around 10% we started running out of room. Koi was moving her to any clear spot he could find (down the stairs) and the healers and dps followed after him like good little puppies.

Then her body fell limp into the poison, and vent exploded.

Third night on Lady Vashj, second time making it to phase 3, and she was down.

I won’t be the first to say our guild is undergeared. We haven’t had the farming time the other guilds have had. We downed Magtheridon once. We downed Void Reaver once. The only time we “farmed” were the weeks we downed a new boss. If the progression boss didn’t go down, we didn’t touch the other bosses.

And yet Lady Vashj lays dead at our feet. It’s a good feeling. (So is having this elusive Vashj Vial. Hehe.)

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