Still on Track

I had a great week writing and then I got sick last Friday, so my productive writing time suffered. I’m glad I don’t get sick very often. I still got a lot of good words written for the beginning of the novel, all coming after the rut I got myself out of two weeks ago. I’m also getting to know Emelia better and better, which is making scenes with her easier. Looks like she might end up being a pov character after all.

The plan is to finish up the beginning (which shouldn’t be too much more) this weekend and then start working through the ending. I have most of the ending written, just not fleshed our or in the correct order. Being a discovery writer is so much fun! But I am ending up with some extra time this coming week so I should be able to get a lot of work done.

In addition, I am currently participating in #wipjoy, which gives prompts to answer about your current WIP. So if you’d like some tantalizing insights into what I’ve been working on, be sure to check out those posts daily on my facebook page.

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