Tentacle Monster Down

I want to write: Ulduar Clear! but we all know it isn’t true. Even if you ignore the fact that we know Algalon still lurks, it won’t really be clear until we’ve finished all the hard-modes including the ones we’ll likely skip in order to get to Algalon faster.

That being said~Yogg-saron has been defeated. It was a pretty clean kill. P1 went smoothly, as has been happening more and more consistently. P2 the dispels were quick the dps was pro both inside and outside. Everyone kept their sanity and the last crusher died just as Yogg’s brain was taken to 30%.

I’d only been to p3 twice before this having missed a night of progression, but we all gathered where we were supposed to. Melee did their job, ranged did their circles, healers kept their backs to us. Such a nice, easy phase.

Though for some reason Yogg died at ~800k health, or at least that’s when the raid started getting their achievements. Not sure what was up with that. Can’t complain. We would’ve killed him anyway. What’s 800k health for an Old God anyway?

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