The Me

Hi, my name’s Laura, and I am a writer.

I am also:

a wife,
an equine enthusiast,
a gamer,
an otaku,
a Dungeons & Dragons player,
a former World of Warcraft raider,
an old school Pokémon fanatic,
a graduate of Virginia Tech.

Feel free to email me at laurahighcove(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to hear from you.

the backstory:

I was born long enough ago and did most of my growing up in Richmond, Virginia; an area too far south to snow and too far north to leave me with much of an accent. Early years were spent reading, writing, playing make-believe, and coming far too close to poison ivy and poisonous snakes.

In second grade my teacher praised my story about a little lost rabbit named Cottentail, and I have been writing ever since. In my senior year of high school I discovered the Internet and places online where I met other writers and realized they could be friends. One such place is where I met my best friend. I later married him.

I completed college at Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Soon afterward, depression took over my life. I got a job right out of college that was exactly what I wanted, and I just couldn’t understand why I was so unhappy.

After moving to Blacksburg, Virginia with my husband, I found solace in the transformational work done at Advantage Ranch. I realized that the unhappiness was largely of my own making, a product of the uniqueness that makes us all human, and thus was better able to control it.

During the long process of soul searching, I realized how constant and important writing had been in my life, and that I wanted to do it professionally.

Now, during the day, I work at Advantage Ranch, and help others find out who they are being as opposed to what they are doing to give them relief from the suffering caused by their own minds. At night I write and study the art of writing on my path to becoming a published author.