The Other Wyrmrest Boss

It really feels like it’s been forever since I last put up a killshot. Glory of the Icecrown Raider, which wasn’t a killshot in July, and then missing the Putricide kill, the last thing I posted was Sindy back in May. MAY!

We had been working on Heroic LK for a while when Ruby Sanctum came out, and Koi made the decision to down Heroic Halion before we continued our work on LK. The normal version of the fight is really rather easy. I think we got that down our second pull? Then we started in on heroic, and you’d swear we suddenly asked the raid to cure cancer or something with all the stupid deaths and failure.

And yet it certainly wasn’t wipes to being undergeared, and it wasn’t wipes to a difficult to understand strat. They were just wipes to stupid stuff. And in the past month we’ve had three or four attempts that SHOULD have been kills, interrupted by that stupid enrage timer. And then this most recent Thursday night we got him down to 88k health on our last attempt of the night. 88k! But despite the fact that we still had people up and had not hit the enrage timer, we lost all the people in the shadow realm and he started healing…

So what did we do?

a) Emo disband the guild and then pull it back together.

b) Transfer off server to do the same old stuff in a new place.

c) Faction change to horde so we could stare at pretty blood elves.

d) None of the above.

Of course the answer is ‘d’ you silly people. Instead we went to ICC and got more gear! Actually, we only did that because Ari got drunk on Fourth of July weekend and one of his underlings totally screwed something up at work and his boss was making him work all Friday to fix it. So after we got new shinies, we came back on Saturday and got it on our third pull.

It was actually a rather sub-par pull as well. One of our healers disconnected, the wonderful me got stuck in a bad situation and actually DIED. I dunno how we actually pulled it off. I guess we’ll see when I get the video up.

Anyway! Killshot!

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