The Stories

Completed Novel(s):

The Law of the Demon King (The Storyteller #2)

Once upon a time there was a villain. He was afraid.

Summary: This story continues following everyone’s favorite Storyteller team, and explores the Huntsman in more depth.

The Law of the Prince Charming (The Storyteller #1)

Once upon a time there was a prince. She was a girl.

Summary: Tabitha is a prince in a world where the laws of magic force people to play out roles of fairy tales. This is what creates the magic that helps to keep the world stable. Tabitha joins two Storytellers, whose job it is to protect the tales, as she searches for her own quest to complete. But will the tales force her into the role of a Prince Charming?

Background: I’ve always wanted to do a fairy tale story where the characters are genre savvy (ie they know the fairy tales are stories and respond accordingly). I played around with this idea for a number of years before reading the fairy tale: The Little Wildrose. The rest is history.

Search terms: bishounen, city of magic, faerie, fairy tales, gender roles, knight in shining armor, loyalty, magic, magical creatures, meta, tropes, true name

Current Novel(s):

The Wizard (The Storyteller #3)

Once upon a time there was a wizard. He was alone.

Summary: The conclusion to the Storyteller trilogy, this book focuses on the Wizard.

Past Novel(s):

Angelic Links
Blessings of the Nerial
Rod of Dragons
Shifting Winds
Silent Wings
The Candidates
The Colors Of
The Trickster