The World Broke

Karathress had a really rocky start. We attempted him for much of a whole night with our shaman tank getting his butt handed to him. It was most frustrating, but we did quickly find that pulling Mr. Priest back far enough in the hall reset the fight, so that ended up saving us a lot of time on wipe recovery. Whoever didn’t program the totems and pet to despawn when their masters reset needs to be fired.

ANYWAY. We finally tracked down the elusive Cervande (Our main off-tank) who had been held captive by some nefarious overlord (his boss), and threw him at the shaman with a few mad dads, and a flask. That seemed to do the trick as after a few small positioning adjustments, we got the scaled jailor down to 3% before he wiped out the raid in about 10 seconds.

Came back the next night fresh, and with more healers, and took him down. There was no leet 2Her, but we picked up our third and fourth pieces of t5, and healing cloth shoes for the holy priest we don’t have in our guild.

With Karathress down, we headed back to the bosses we had bypassed in the name of progression. Morogrim was one shot by a raid of 23 our second week on him. And tomorrow we’ll clear out Hydross and Lurker before going to play with that hottie Leo. We have our strat all worked out.

I probably should’ve waited till tomorrow to do this, as tired as I am, but I managed to fraps the fight, and tomorrow shall be spent learning the inner workings of Windows Movie Maker.

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