We don’t care what people think?

If we don’t care what people think about how fast we progress, then why the hell should we care what they think when we want to be a little proud of fast progression?

Being modest has it’s own merits, but even it can be frowned upon in excessive amounts. There’s something to be said for knowing when you’re good and being allowed to be proud of it. And I don’t mean that we should go shove it in everyone’s faces over and over.

We were proud when we downed Kael’thas. We were proud when we downed Illidan. We were proud when we downed Kil’jaeden. I don’t see why we can’t be proud for killing more bosses in less time than the guild who has previously always been ahead of us.

I mean another week and their five day schedule will have them right back in front. They’ll get credit for Alliance first kills. We’ll continue along with our three day raiding schedule. A little bit of pride never hurt anyone.

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