#WIPJOY July 2017 Roundup

In regards to my writing, I made a good overall word count and I’ve been doing work piecing everything else together. Some things that were eluding me are starting to become clear. I didn’t have any real trouble this week, which is awesome. But it does make for a short journal post.

On the other hand, I did finish out the #wipjoy event I was participating in, so I’ll just turn this post into a rehash of the event so that you can see all of the posts for the month collected in one place.

1) Describe yourself and your WIP

I am a fantasy author who has a Bachelors in Computer Science, works at a horse barn in the mornings, and writes in the afternoons. I am also a geek who loves anime, video games, D&D and whatever cleverly written show happens to be on TV. (I’m looking at you Lucifer.)
My WIP is the second book in a trilogy, based in a world where the laws of magic create fairy tales by forcing people to play out the roles required. The first book focused on a prince charming who is actually a girl. This book focuses on a villain who is trying to throw off that role. #wipjoy

2) Your MC’s aesthetic in 7 phrases

Alone. Black. Brawler. Depressed. Devoted. Huntsman. Villain. (Seven phrases seem like an awful lot, so I decided on seven words.) #wipjoy

3) Your 1st Inspiration for this WIP

My inspiration was to focus on Gabir who was a supporting character in the first book in his childhood Arabian setting. I wanted to show his back-story and his struggles in more depth. #wipjoy

4) 3 books that go nicely with yours

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey (Any of the 500 Kingdoms series, really.)
Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
1001 Arabian Nights

5) A line in which your world comes alive

Gabir helped Maze forward, leading Kidder behind him. He felt a tightness in his chest looking over the familiar scene of cream colored buildings and minarets that stretched into the sky. There was no mistaking the copper plated roofs that reflected the desert’s heat and light. #wipjoy

6) Would you rather: Get trapped in your story for a week or have your antagonist enter your own life for a day?

I’d rather be trapped in my story because then I would get to meet all my characters as opposed to just the antagonist. #wipjoy

7) A line where the plot thickens.

Tabitha felt a familiar pressure before everything in the ballroom stopped. In the doorway stood the faerie that used to be the Emerald Godmother. #wipjoy

8) What would your MC be like as the antagonist?

Well, that’s sort of what I’m playing around with in this story, so it’s not too difficult to imagine. Gabir is forced to get close to the villains of the tale and starts to lose himself in it again. #wipjoy

9) What would the antagonist be like as the MC?

Assuming he has the same goals as the current MC, Gabir, there likely would be little difference. The antagonist is who taught Gabir everything he knows and they’re very similar. #wipjoy

10) Dish about a favorite side character!

I finally got to add a character I had to pull from a previous story for being superfluous. He had to undergo some changes, but he still has the exact same feel about him. This is Chae, little brother to the Lady of the Maze, who thinks he’s a demon and can fully take on any mythic form without losing himself to it. #wipjoy

11) Which parts of this WIP are drawn from personal experience?

I have depression and one of the ways I cope with it is by writing down exactly what it feels like for me to fall into that hole. I have used some of that writing to influence the scenes where Gabir has his depressive episodes. #wipjoy

12) A line you nailed perfectly

“Don’t bother.” The Huntsman’s voice had dropped into a deep, dangerous sound. “Don’t try and stop me with your righteous bleeding heart. You don’t believe anything you said, you’re just playing the role of the prince charming and you would defend anyone. I don’t need that kind of pity.” His eyes flicked toward Wildrose. “And I certainly don’t need this team.” #wipjoy

13) Would you rather: Never publish this WIP, or watch it be adapted into a horrible movie.

I’ve actually considered this before. If it has been adapted into a horrible movie, that means that it was a popular book that people read and enjoyed. And what I really want out of being an author is having people read and enjoy my books. #wipjoy

14) Describe your MC’s personality with a GIF

15) A line involving a decision

“Well, I suppose since we have some time to kill until the Mirror Man is ready. We should all go get a drink together. We can go through the mirror together. All buddy, buddy.” The Beauty smiled, but her eyes remained hard.
Gabir wondered briefly why she would want to travel with them, especially if she still blamed him for being one of the Storytellers that ‘helped’ destroy her kingdom.
“Oh, I would like that.” the Lady of the Maze said.
“If that is your wish, my Lady, then it is mine as well.” Gabir bowed. #wipjoy

16) Chose an ideal reading spot, food, drink, and music to go with your book.

Someplace quiet without any distractions, a couch in the basement, a tucked away corner at the library, a bench deep in the woods. Food would ideally be small, snackish, and leave no residue on the fingers that might dirty the pages of the book. Drink would be something light and appropriate to the snack. And I don’t know about music, Gabir and his book don’t actually have a theme song, and I’m not the type who reads with music going.

17) What’s something you’re still figuring out about this WIP?

When I wrote the first book I had so many great ideas of things that could happen, that I laid seeds for. When I started writing the second book, I realized this meant my ability to simply discovery write was horribly limited because I had so many points to hit. Right now I have lots of scenes and I need to fit them all together. #wipjoy

18) Share a thought that keeps you going as a writer.


19) A line that was hard to write.

“No,” Gabir said. “I still have the Lady of the Maze.”
“What makes you think she’d even want you?”
Gabir felt himself slipping. He felt the numbness settle into his body. He didn’t want to move; didn’t want to think. It was too much effort. It was so much easier to sit here, separate from the rest of the world. The demon version of himself smirked. He had to say something, anything. “Because otherwise it may as well end now.” #wipjoy

20) Would you rather: Have tea with your antagonist or be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours with your MC?

My antagonist would be far better conversation, so I’m going to have tea. Of course, I don’t like tea so we would have hot chocolate instead. #wipjoy

21) Why do you yearn to share this story with the world?

I want to be able to entertain people the same way books entertain me. I hope one day to have fans who want to inhabit my worlds and get to know the characters I’ve created. #wipjoy

And for getting through the whole challenge with me (Yes, it ended after 21 days.) here is a teaser for the picture of Gabir I’m having drawn.

I hope you enjoy all of the teasers for my current WIP. Let me know which are your favorite and what you are looking forward to the most.

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