Words and Pictures

Every now and then while reading the vast amount of webcomics that I do, I begin to strongly wish that I was able to draw, to do something like a webcomic. One of my more recently discoveries happens to be a fellow who aspires to write movie scripts, and he’s gone out there and found himself artists to turn his ideas into pictures. It seems odd to me, that there are people out there who can draw so well…that don’t have ideas for their own stories? As a writer the very idea of being able to draw, and yet not being able to come up with a story to tell is ludicrous.

And it kind of makes me wish I could stumble across one of these unfortunate fellows (or gals as it may be) who would like to work with me to produce a webcomic. I even know what story it’d be (Nope, not Angelica.) though I suppose I’d have to finish writing that one as well. But then once again I’m not ambitious enough to go out to say deviant art and start emailing people. At least not yet. Maybe that can be a goal for the future: Add some pictures to my words.

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  • Dude that would be hawt…you need to lrn2stalk people. Pictures to any of your stories would be amazing, tho why rule out Angelica…Some people have ideas in words, and some people have ideas in pictures…you = words, just find that picture person!!

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