The Night Sky…and stuff

I dunno what it is, people act like they don’t know when OOB has accomplished things unless I put a screenshot here. Crazy people! Can you not just read my mind!?

So yeah, back on the 22 of December, we downed Algalon in 25 man. Here’s a killshot…kinda? Other people are all crowding into the picture. They’re just jealous. I’m just glad I got my title.

And since it’s a Tuesday and I can’t log onto my account in order to take a screenshot of my Algalon achievement I am now stuck waiting for the servers to come back up so I am going to ramble a bit. You may stop reading if you’re bored.

So right now there’s really nothing to work on with all the progression cleared until the servers come back up today. As such most of the guilds on the server have been going back to the old progression content, ie: Yogg+0.

Now I hate this fight, as is most “end boss of instance”‘s wont, it’s an amazingly complex, innovative, and fun fight that 70% of the raid just can’t seem to get. Take away all the “buffs” and it’s just one big mess. But then since Blizzard has given us nothing else to do, we’re all facerolling through the tentacle monster. However, at least it’s something to do rather than canceling raids because we’ve already gotten our Ashen Verdict rep for the week. Told you I was going to ramble. Look forward to actual progression killshots in another two months after Arthas is finally unlocked.

Well some servers are back up, just not Kael’thas yet.


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