We Pwned Anub!

Get it…cause his name sounds like ‘a noob’? It’s punny!

So exciting week. Patch 3.3 came out, bringing with it the new Icecrown Citadel (ICC) instance and in a few months Arthas will be unlocked! People have been busy with the new LFG system which works fabulously, as well as the three new ICC 5-man heroics which bring some new lewt, rp!!!, and the chance at Quel-delar’s hilt (Yay 251 weapon for casuals! I want one!).

So we’ve been working on Anub for a long time…like a long long time. We’ve been consistently getting to p3 for a few weeks now. I admit the entire raid’s skill with kiting Anub’s spikes surpassed my expectations. I was expecting another repeat of Gorefiend and ‘that guy’.

That being said, the thin ice that is walked in p3 between healing the boss too much and people dying is ridiculous. I know all of the healers ended each night of attempts with progressively worse ticks. Koi is more stressed than I’ve ever seen him before and all around a fight that I enjoyed so much, and was so cleverly put together by Blizzard is now on the same level of hate with Archimonde. It’s a shame it’ll be January before we even have nearly enough of ICC out to keep us away from TotGC.

Oh! But we did manage to down him with 26 attempts still left, so we got that cool chest thing with the heroic tier gear inside and a nice spell power sword. It’s the little things sometimes.

Finally beyond the nightmare of ice, we headed over to ICC even though it was raid end time, and got a bunch of people friendly with the Ashen Verdict (after 10-man clears) and downed Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper (No picture cause all that’s left of her is a stupid ball.). And at that point we called it for various reasons. Mostly so everyone will come back tomorrow for the really cool gunship fight!

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